Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I bought a plant, I named him Matthew

I asked you to water my plants
you kissed me and kissed me and kissed me
in many secret places
(and you were the only one who knew)

the pot fell off the nightstand
I didn’t
the pieces until next morning

and I didn’t care

dust danced around my apartment
in the last rays of light
I placed a vase filled with daisies on the night stand

that night no one kissed me
because I didn’t want to
and that night my vase stood firm
I knew to value it this time

Do you know those days, those weird times in life when you have everything else sorted out but for one thing. That one thing kind of consumes you, it's a big thing that can't be ignored or solved easily. I'm really angry and upset right now even though there are many good things in my life. I don't want to fill this blog with angsty posts so I'll try and have a photoshoot someday soon and put a more inspiring caption there.

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