Thursday, August 29, 2013

Polo sweats and Hermes blankets

   Hiya just bought a new bag from Zara to match my wallet yay
Here's me with my glasses you won't be seeing me wear them here a lot but I thought you should know that I'm not perfect either(haha) no, far from it

ps to brighten up your day I want to tell you something. We had picture day at school, and we could also take these "friend photos" if we wanted to. Aaaand guess who took one with five guys in our class whom I don't even know!!!! I'm so proud I dared to ask them, it's for this bet I have with my friends of who gets the most guys in the pic, but oh well that's it, hope you have some nice guys in your class xx

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I want seashells, love and cigarettes, I want to have a good time again

    my weekend was filled with sun, reading, bugs and eating (I feel like I seriously never stopped eating)
    and oh I also visited a tiny museum it was cute
    sometimes it's worth it exploring a small town
    the sky was beautifully pink at nights so I got a little inspired

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces

   decided to channel my unexplained sadness into some photography, space buns and Sleight Bells
   the sweater is borrowed, there's holes in my socks and the skirt is from American Apparel
   I hope you had a better night and at least one friend who will call you when they are drunk and remember      to ask about something that's important to you

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let me live that fantasy

I look like a witch here but that's not bad right???

I went to a flea market today and besides that cool net shirt, Grey's Anatomy's first season and some cool books, I bought those awesome roller skates!!!! And only eight euros, I just couldn't leave them behind!
Soon you will (hopefully) be seeing me around neighborhoods constantly yelling and tumbling
This day also included pizza, sunshine, craving for mango sorbet, Sleigh Bells and finishing the Virgin Suicides
                                                        -a good enough Sunday for me
                                                                          xox Mia~

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I can never think of good titles

So hello my name is Ione I'm the other co-owner of this blog waddap.
I'm 16 years old and my tumblr is so go there.
Things that I like:
-male models (or models in general actually)
-tall people
-weird music
-the underbellies of cats and dogs
-clothes. soso many clothes
I am from Finland but I live in Pennsylvania and not to sound like a personal ad but if you're a halfway decent person/ ur hot and you live in either PA, NJ or NY hmu idk drive me places.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

She bruises, coughs, she splutters pistol shots

hello I'm Mia I run this blog with my friend
we are cool nice to meet you

here's a list of things I like:
 (It'll either cheer you up or make you sad, I'm not sure how it works with me)

-skinny bodies
-when it's really green outside
-when birds stand on top of important-looking statues
-when writing kind of happens without too much thinking
-comforting music 
-candles (I'll light a few rn!!!)
-tanned skin
-straight hair

ohh I'll leave it there I've got school tomorrow and I can't think anymore I'm scared shitless